Fundraiser Auction

This fundraiser is to raise money for Susan’s family, specifically to build her son Andrew’s college fund.

Online bids will be accepted until Wednesday, March 14, 2012 until 2 PM EST.

Online Bidding is now CLOSED!!

Wednesday evening there is a fundraiser event at Amaya Papaya in Casselberry, FL.  (The in person event is limited because the venue only holds so many people.  A larger event is being planned as well.)   The items will be available for in person bids as well.  The highest bid wins, whether from online or the event.  For this reason, if you place a bid, BE SURE IT IS YOUR HIGHEST OFFER, or sign up to use a proxy bidder, otherwise someone at the in-person event will be able to out-bid you.

Bidding Guidelines

  • To place a bid, add a comment to the item’s post
    • Include your bid amount, it MUST be at least $1 higher than the current bid to be considered.
    • Include some form of contact information, email, phone, something.  If you are uncomfortable leaving this info on the website, leave your name and then email Jen so she has it on file in case you win.
  • The highest bid will be the first comment you see below.
  • BE SURE YOU BID YOUR HIGHEST OFFER.  If someone at the in-person event out-bids you and you have not selected to use a proxy, they will win.
  • The first bid MUST be at least the amount listed above as the Starting Bid Requirement.
  • You may see bids that do not follow these guidelines, but as we notice them, they will be deleted.
  • If you want to know when someone else bids on an item you have bid on, check the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.” option when you submit your bid.
  • If you are interested in using proxy bidding, state that in your bid comment.  Be sure to include some contact information!
  • If you live outside the Orlando area, you will be responsible for coordinating someone local to pickup the item for you, or we can ship it, but you will need to pay shipping costs.
  • Winners will be notified within a day of the auction ending, and payments will be expected through PayPal within 3 days, and then the next highest bidder will be offered the item.

What is proxy bidding?

Proxy bidding is where you can place a bid on an auction, even though you’re not present, through a representative.  This is accomplished through text messages or phone calls.
  • When you place your bid, indicate if you’re interested in ‘proxy bidding.’
  • If you are interested in ‘proxy bidding’, please leave a way of contacting you so we can give you your representative’s name and phone number.
  • Proxy bidding opens at 5:45 pm on Wednesday, March 14th and ends at 6:00 pm March 14th.
  • All interested bidders are to call their representative in that 15 minute time frame to see where the bidding is.  If you have been outbid, you are welcome to leave a new bid through your representative on the phone.  If you are the winner, you’ll be notified the next day!


Items Available for Bid

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Thank you for your generosity!